Cruden Bay Treasure trove-log

Cruden Bay Treasure

...and as the dream went, one might look into a cave next to the beach. Are there caves in Cruden Bay? I 've never been there. Ron Is there a …
Romans in Arctic? trove-log

Romans in Arctic?

Crazy Trovets have given us rumors of traces of ancient Romans under the ice of the North Pole. Two small lakes lying one above the other shou…
akko (acre) templars trove-log

akko (acre) templars

The tunnels of acre are impressive indeed. Historians say they indicate a lot about the psychology of templars, in the hours of war and danger…


The beautiful german City of Nuremberg. There are many lores about troves and treasure regarding that beautiful place indeed. But how about pl…
Oak Island Treasure trove-log

Oak Island Treasure

What if they look at the wrong end of the island? What if the most important part of the trove is 23 metres from the coast of the island hidde…
Trovecy Formula 2.0 trove-log

Trovecy Formula 2.0

Considerations for the Trovecy formula are a theoretical concept that helps locate and find a possible hiding place. It summarizes and evaluat…
Trovetic trove-log


What does trovetic mean? Treasure Trovecy is the art to forsee unseen treasure troves, but what is the adjective about? There is trovetic thin…
Forrest Fenn’s Yen trove-log

Forrest Fenn’s Yen

The American millionaire Forrest Fenn has hidden a treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains. In books, writings and interviews, he has left hints…